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Nelson Mandela was a man who stood for many principles. It is now over 6 months since he passed away in his home in South Africa. Now the dust has settled, we can examine the impact and legacy of which he has left this world. For me, one particular phrase stood out. ‘Ubuntu.’ It is a word founded in the Southern African Region which Mandela used to recognise the ties that unite all humans, across borders and continents, which the eye cannot see. For me, this is his most important legacy, whilst it has also been used to describe “the language of the people.”

Rather than write an essay on what this means, i have decided to use photography as a way of portraying what exactly is meant by Ubuntu. All photos come from countries in which Restless Development partake in the ICS programme, and i’d like to thank all those who took such stunning photos.

Please enjoy and feel free to share.


by Jack McQuibban

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