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From Monday 4th – Friday 15th December, Restless Development’s Global Directors will be in Sierra Leone together for the annual Directors Conference. Alex Stewart, Strategic Initiatives Manager, shares how they are using this space to practice Dynamic Accountability.

This week, 18 directors from 10 countries and four continents will be gathering together in Freetown, Sierra Leone for Restless Development’s annual Directors Conference. It is a rare opportunity for the most senior leaders within Restless Development to spend two weeks together learning, reviewing and reflecting on the previous year and developing a shared vision of success for the year to come.

As a values-led agency, we know that everyone has a leadership role to play within our agency. We truly believe that having extra ideas, suggestions and information will add to the discussions that eighteen people can ever have round a table together, and ultimately lead to better decisions. But how do you practically, and meaningfully, bring the voices – the ideas, feedback and suggestions – of over 400 staff from across 10 countries into a conference room in Sierra Leone?

Well, that’s where Dynamic Accountability comes in. Simply put, this is Restless Development’s approach to being an accountable agency and transparently working with and learning from young people and partners in order to increase our impact. And we couldn’t pass an opportunity to try it out at our annual Directors Conference.

We believe by equipping our people with information through radical transparency, engaging in two way conversations to bring more voices in will lead to strengthen decision making. This is how we’ll be practicing Dynamic Accountability in the run up to, during and following the conference:

Radical Transparency: We are sharing the agenda, objectives for sessions, relevant conference papers and key questions with all staff ahead of the Conference to equip our people with the knowledge and information to engage and input into the Directors Conference.

Two Way Information Exchange: Directly and through a Dynamic Accountability lead in each Country Hub we work in, we will collect insights, ideas, feedback and suggestions on general themes and targeted questions which were relevant to specific conference sessions and discussions.

Strengthened Decision Making: We will use the information, suggestions, ideas and feedback as part of relevant Directors Conference sessions to include more voices in our decision making processes, ultimately strengthening it.

This isn’t our first time practicing transparency and accountability in this space – in previous years we asked questions on Twitter and held a Facebook Live event in order to respond in real-time to our stakeholders – and we’re looking forward to engaging on social media in this conference too (follow #WeAreRestless for this and more from the world of Restless Development!)

But this is the furthest we have gone to collect information in a systematic and organised way in order to ensure our staff have a direct line into the conference. And ultimately, equipping our Directors with the information they need to make the best decisions they can on behalf of an agency working to unleash the power of young people around the world.

Interested in finding out more? Visit our website to learn more about Dynamic Accountability.

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