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Some of our ICS national and international volunteers put themselves forward to be Restless Development Youth Reporters whilst on their placement in Nepal. They will be sharing stories of the people they meet whilst working with communities across the country. Meet the team here!  

Iona Casley  

‘For me being a youth reporter is more about  sharing the stories of others with a wider audience than promoting my own voice. I have been lucky enough to grow up feeling what I have to say can make an impact, and I hope I can help others to feel the same empowerment’






Ujila  Maharjan  


‘I wanted to be a youth reporter so that I can share what I see in my own words’














Nathan McNaughton  


‘I want to be a youth reporter so I can be the voice for those that have none’










Olivia Baxter


‘I wanted to be a youth reporter to gain greater knowledge and understanding of journalism in a different country and environment. I also hope to improve my skills in photography and try to become more confident with interviews and article writing.’





Sona Lama Tamang  

‘I want to be a youth reporter so I can analyse community lifestyle more deeply’










Remon Dangol  

‘I want to be a youth reporter to find and share the stories which motivate other young people to act on issues they care about’









Haseena Ali  

 ‘I want to be a youth reporter to amplify the voices of those who are sometimes overlooked’

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