Tabitha Ha, who volunteered in  Zambia and South Africa on the ICS programme,  busts four common myths about access to medicines across the globe. You can check out and follow Tabby’s blog here.

I want to bust four common myths.

Mythbuster  1:

‘A drug problem? you must mean the war on drugs!’

No, not the highly publicized ‘drug war‘/black market  mess that our society has got itself into, but something much closer to each of us.  A life-threatening, unnecessary problem that affects millions, no, billions of us around the world.

I recently travelled to the Basel, Switzerland, with the  Student STOPAIDS campaign, with the intention to learn more about improving access to medicines, especially  access to HIV medication  in developing countries. If you are reading this then I have probably bombarded your  twitter  with such information!

What I realised in Basel, at the  UAEM conference, is that the  system that drives up the cost of HIV medication  is the same pharmaceutical system that significantly  limits drug innovation,  fails to make drugs for those that need it and keeps the costs of life-saving drugs high.

Mythbuster 2

“In the UK, and other developed countries, we have access to the drugs we need.”

It’s a comforting thought to know that we have the NHS in the UK, but do we really have access to the drugs we need?

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