International Youth Day #GetToKnow Usaama Kawesa South Africa


Usaama Kaweesa #IYD2014 #GetToKnow

Lazola Basile, a 26 year old from the Eastern Cape of South Africa. Lazola is a principled; hard working and committed individual who is giving a lot to the youth of his community. He led a local organisation called the Youth Agency for Development (YAP). Its Mission Statement is ‘To teach youth ethics and values such as hard work, punctuality and empathy in order to achieve healthier relationships between local youth and the community, thereby benefiting both.’ Their work was to basically empower unemployed youth to pursue meaningful livelihoods. Through working closely with him, we gathered 30 young people together who desired employment skills in order to pursue meaningful livelihoods and then covered their expenses so they could attend our 2 weeks employment skills workshops, at our youth resource centre. Lazola helped us collect feedback from those young people and in the end they achieved accredited certificates after the 2 weeks. The workshops we facilitated culminated in a career exhibition day we organised, in partnership with the National Youth Development Agency, which showcased the livelihood opportunities available to young people in the community, especially those who worked with YAD. #IYD


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International Youth Day #GetToKnow Usaama Kawesa South Africa

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