International Youth Day – #GetToKnow Rachel Ayres – Zambia

anne mulenga rachel ayres

Annie Mulenga – what an inspirational character and I had the privilege of sharing her home for 2 weeks!

Annie is 16 years old, both her parents sadly passed away from illnesses she is unaware of or has not been told.

This beautiful girl has been left with 3 younger siblings and 2 nieces and nephews to take care of – this image captures what an incredible young lady she is!

Annie cooks, cleans, bathes and supports all these children ranging from 2-12 years of age; yet still has the time to go to school and get an education – she has such drive!!

Annie gave me such motivation and inspiration whilst I was in Zambia, she truly became a best friend and sister – My experience would not have been the same without her!!

In the ten weeks we spent in Kafulamase, a very rural basic community, we were able to spend time with Annie and her family, supporting with the children and giving her knowledge on SRH (Sexual Reproductive Health) & livelihoods!! Again what a privilege it was to be a part of Annie’s life – I will never forget what an impact she has made on my life & experiences in Zambia!


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International Youth Day – #GetToKnow Rachel Ayres – Zambia

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