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77% of the UK public think that efforts to tackle global poverty over the last decade have made little or no difference. Yet the world’s poorest countries have made huge progress towards being self-reliant in our lifetime. Volunteers returning from overseas placements share stories of change in rickshaws to #StopTheMyth.

On Friday 12th September, Parliament will be debating on whether to pass a law to commit the UK to spending 0.7% of GDP on development aid. It’s going to be a really important moment for the sector, and an opportunity for all three major parties to legislate on something they all committed to in their 2010 manifestos.

But, there’s a big possibility that the bill might not be passed, or given a fair hearing, if enough MPs don’t turn up for the debate. Along with the ONE Campaign, we’re calling for all MPs to promise to attend on Friday 12th September. We need at least 100 supportive MPs to turn up on the day, in order to have a good chance of the law being passed. But beyond that, we believe that this bill at least needs a fair hearing – and we want MPs to commit to being in Parliament on the day of the debate – it’s their job after all!

Ahead of the day, we brought six ICS returned volunteers together to make videos to show why we should all be engaging with the debate – watch them below! You can sign the petition and download a template letter to send to your MP via the ONE Campaign’s Say You’ll Be There Campaign page.

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