The DASSAs – a bit like the #Oscars but better

In 2013, an intrepid group of young people began a journey as ‘Voices for Development’ Advocates, with the lofty goal of changing the British public’s view on international development. Equipped with Restless Development values, a few United Nations MY World Surveys, and some cameras, the volunteers accepted their mission to bring the positive voices of young people leading development back to Britain.

Fourteen months – and uncounted campaigns, conferences, events and viral blog posts) later – the Development Advocates regrouped at the DASSAs (Development Advocate Superstar Awards!) to review their work…

So who were the winners? Well, Nazzy Amin won the ‘Most Active Advocate’ award, upstaging the Queen by delivering her own New Year’s Message, giving young people’s hopes for the new post-2015 development agenda.  Elizabeth Norman  claimed the ‘Most Knowledgeable Advocate’ prize, enlightening and educateing through her campaigns for human rights. And, well, everybody got something – here’s the full list of winners:

  • Most Passionate – Dawn
  • Most Likely to be Prime Minister – Usaama
  • Strongest Moral Compass – Christina
  • Most likely to lead a revolution – Tabby
  • Best Communicator – Laura
  • Most likely to win a Nobel peace prize – Nazzy
  • Most Positive -Yvonne
  • Most likely to become Restless CEO – Dawn
  • Most Radical –  Tabby
  • Most Social – Jack
  • Best in depth knowledge of everything – Lizzy
  • Most dedicated – Usaama
  • Most Active – Nazzy
  • Most Organised – Ellen
  • Most Enthusiastic – Annie
  • Truest to the cause – Hasan
  • Most Adventurous – Shawn

But what was the greatest impact of the Development Advocates’ work? Tellingly, the journey had an immense impact upon the Advocates themselves.

Far from completing a journey, Voices for Development has become the first step in far greater one! Many Advocates are still advocating and campaigning, on issues from child poverty and economic inequality to access to medicines and human rights.

So what next? Time for you to get involved yourself!

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The DASSAs – a bit like the #Oscars but better

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