Introducing: #30Days30Voices

Its only 30 days until the UK General Election! In the final run up before Britain votes, we will be giving a platform to  young voices to talk about what the election means to them and the importance of the Sustainable Development Goals in the context of the election.

If you are a young person and you have something to say about poverty, inequality or climate change in the context of  the general election, you can be one of the 30 voices contribute a blog/ vlog too! Simply  get in touch by emailing Ronagh (ronagh.craddock[at] and look out for #30days30voices on twitter!

Ronagh is part of  a group of young advocates who have come together as the action/2015 youth panel during this crucial year for international development.  Read more about  why they  think it is important that youth voices have a platform, especially this month:

marion“Young people are not   the leaders of tomorrow; they are leading  today by making, building and transforming the world at the local, national, regional and global levels. Participation and decision-making are key to realising our contributions within the institutions, processes and structures set up to determine the future. This is why it’s important to speak up and speak out on issues that matter, whether it’s poverty, inequality, political participation or justice! It matters. You matter!”  Marion Osieyo

Takyiwa“Education, youth unemployment, unaffordable housing, inequality…the list could go on…these are all the issues that young people think about today. We’ve been promised changes to them all, better opportunities and more accessible resources, but what do YOU really think about it? Politics can often put people off, but we want to show that politics can be personal, and we believe young people should have the platform to share how political decisions will affect them.

Simply the fact that you are reading this blog already shows your interest in these matters, so why not go one step further and put your own views out there? On May the 7th all eyes will be on the people at the top – well why not let all eyes be on us before then? Young people have the  potential, the capacity and the imagination to make huge differences in the world, so join us as we take a stand to let our voices be heard!”  Takyiwa Danso

stephanie  “There’s a great quote from a recent Bjork interview about being a young woman in your 20s. ‘You’re not just imagining things. Everything that a guy says once, you have to say five times.‘ This sentiment is not only true in terms of gender, race, sexuality and so on, but it also resonates with the attitude of politicians towards the younger generation. As a group, young people are ignored by politicians and then, their ignorance of our opinions is constructed and construed as a product of our own apathy.

In the 30 days running up to the election it will be amazing to read, hear and see the opinions of a diverse group of young people on issues that we believe matter. If you would like to write, record or otherwise present your views on any issue, get in touch. It could be education, tuition fees, the environment, free speech; anything at all! We are not apathetic – and it’s time to change the false political narrative that suggests we are.”  Stephanie Scott

Ronagh“I am really excited to hear from 30 young people from across the UK on why they care about poverty, inequality and climate change and why politicians should too. So many young people are frustrated with politics because it doesn’t reflect our values and we don’t see politicians representing us. That needs to change and this is an opportunity for young people to show that we have a lot to say on some very important issues when it comes to the general election. We are setting examples of the changes that need to be made across the world every day. If politicians want to get the youth vote then they need to listen up.”  Ronagh Craddock

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For more information on the action/2015 campaign and youth click  here. The action/2015 Youth Panel is  co-facilitated by British Youth Council,  BOND, Islamic Relief,  Progressio and Restless Development and  Y Care International.

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Introducing: #30Days30Voices

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