Why a development agency got involved with a humanitarian crisis

This morning, Restless Development’s Director of Programmes Ed Francis is speaking at a major humanitarian conference ,  the Start Network ‘Start for Change’ conference, about our response to the Ebola crisis in Sierra Leone.

He will speak after the video shown above, which explains how it is young Sierra Leoneans that are leading  the fightback and that they are determined not to let this crisis define them. They are #MoreThanEbola.

Restless Development is an international development agency and responding to a crisis like the one that occurred in Sierra Leone is ordinarily the domain of humanitarian organisations only. However, thanks to inspiration from our staff member  Daniel, Restless Development decided that it could utilise its best resource – its network of young people – to respond to the crisis in a positive way.

Restless Development’s approach to development, where we are deeply embedded in the countries  that we work in and rely on networks of local volunteers to bring about change within their own communities, means that we are  well positioned to respond quickly when crises  strike.

Ed will be speaking about the lessons learnt from this response, including how we are now applying those lessons in response to the earthquake in Nepal, and will be exploring  ways that the development and humanitarian sectors can better work together in the future.


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Why a development agency got involved with a humanitarian crisis

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