A new name for the Student Stop AIDS Campaign

As many of you  have been involved in the campaign, we’d love to get your ideas on a new campaign name!

We want our youth activist network to be bigger and more powerful. After chatting with young volunteers, network members and our partners, we realised that the ‘Student’ part of the “Student Stop AIDS Campaign” tends to exclude young people who are not students. We want a new name that is open to everyone. We want a name that is less time-bound and more sustainable, allowing us to keep up the campaign’s momentum over summer and retain strong campaigners when they graduate!

We have been toying with a few ideas, such as;

‘Youth Stop AIDS; we won’t stop until the world ends AIDS’
‘Stop AIDS Campaign; Restless youth committed to the HIV response’
‘StopAIDS Activist Network’

What do you think of these and how would you change them? What ideas do you have? Comment on this post, tweet @studentstopAIDS or email Tabby (tabby@restlessdevelopment.org) by Monday!

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A new name for the Student Stop AIDS Campaign

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