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Bobby Dean is the Senior Public Relations Coordinator at Restless Development and led The Big Conversation’s social media drive to get young people responding online. Below, he explains how Restless managed to get over half a million people exposed to The Big Conversation.

Half a million people. Well, 564, 759 people to be exact. That’s how many people come across Restless Development’s #WeAreRestless launch in a week in February for The Big Conversation on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

The relatively new communication team in the UK was tasked with making sure as many people as possible were aware of our Big Conversation so that they could participate in the global youth survey. We knew we had a big following on Facebook and Twitter but would have a task in engaging them in an interesting and sustained enough way to encourage them to take part in the survey. To do this we designed lots of cool graphics to catch the user’s’ eye and posted them every day for a week with a link to the survey.

To take our reach to the next level, we did what Restless Development does best and reached out to all of our friends and partners in the sector to help us promote the conversation. For instance, we designed special action/2015 and ICS focussed graphics so that all the organisations that take part in those projects would be encouraged to share it with their following too. This not only meant more people joined the conversation but we gained hundreds of new likes and followers on Facebook and Twitter too.

The success of our #WeAreRestless social media launch campaign enabled us to reach thousands of new young people – but I know we can do more. Next time,we want to involve more partners, and more of our country programmes, to share our promotional graphics with even more of their networks, we can bring even more people into The Big Conversation.

So, as we enter the next big stage of our Big Conversation – that’s exactly what we’ll do. More collaboration to reach more young people on a more global stage. Maybe next time we’ll even reach a million.

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