3 things the #GlobalGoals can do for women and girls

Natalie Robi Tingo is a Big Idea Accountability Advocate from Kenya. As she is finalising plans with her team to track the Kenyan Government’s progress towards the #GlobalGoals, she reflects on what these new Sustainable Development Goals could really mean for women and girls.

Global Goal number 5 aims to achieve gender equality and empowerment of all women and girls by 2030. Women and girls must be at the center of the agenda if the Global Goals are to make real difference in people’s lives especially in the implementation and sustainability plans.

They are the key drivers of change in their families, communities and nations, and if we don’t invest in their lives and futures, little or no progress will be made in the realization of the SDGs.

I’ve identified 3 ways that the Global Goals can help transform the lives of women and girls. We all have the ability to make gender equality and women and girl child empowerment a focus in our lives.

IMG_31671. Addressing violence and discrimination against women and girls

Violence against women and girls must end!!! One 1 in three 3 women is likely to or has experienced discrimination, physical and sexual violence at some point in her lifetime.  The SDGs can help to stop gender violence by setting global standards on the issue with clearly stated implementation and accountability frameworks.

IMG_31762. Building women’s capacities.

Women are not equally represented in positions of leadership, and this is not due to their lack of ability, but rather their lack of access. How can we build and expand women capacities?  Through advocating and implementation of policies that support girl child education, proper maternal care, improved access to information, services and infrastructure.

IMG_31803. Working with men and boys

We cannot talk about gender equality and women empowerment without talking about the elephant in the room; the men and boys. We have to bring them on board while addressing the patriarchal system so that there a clear shift in their attitude towards viewing women and girls as right- holders rather than objects of gratification or commodities.


The post-2015 development agenda offers a real opportunity to bring a transformative and lasting change for girls and women’s rights and gender equality all over the world. We cannot afford to miss this incredible opportunity.

The task is upon us to come together as young people, governments, and institutions in helping to assure that women and girls have are empowered and their rights respected. A better world for women and girls all over the world means a better world for us all. Leave no one behind!

Don’t just sit there!! You can make a real difference by taking a minute to learn about the Global Goals. Know Your Goals and Take Action!


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3 things the #GlobalGoals can do for women and girls

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