Accountability in Action – who, why and how

Raf Galdeano is one of the UK #BigIdea Accountability Advocates. In this blog, she manages to introduce our wonderful worldwide Accountability Advocates team, break down the jargon of the Sustainable Development Goals and explain how Team UK will be focusing on the #GlobalGoals. All in a day’s work!

“If the world today is a reality of yesterday’s Imagination,there is nothing more I can do now but to imagine an inclusive, accountable and transparent Government in my country.”  Kakaire Wilber, Accountability Advocate, Uganda.

I belong to a dynamic group of 20 young people from the UK, Zambia, Kenya, Ghana, Tanzania, Uganda and Malawi. And who am I? I’m a 19 year old vegetarian recycling guru from a tiny village in the back-end of Wiltshire with a passion for politics and cacti. I am a member of Restless Development’s crack team of Accountability Advocates with the purpose of holding our respective governments to account for achieving the Sustainable Development Goals which matter most to young people in their country.

‘What are the Sustainable Development Goals?’, You all cry. ‘What on earth did you just say??’

 The sustainable development goals, or SDGs, are a set of 17 goals set by the UN which all countries in the UN must sign up to, with the aim of completing the goals by 2030. This time, a more holistic approach has been made with regards to forming the goals, and calls upon ALL governments around the world to make change in their nation, not just ones in which some inhabitants have to live on less than USD$1 a day.

‘Right, okay. So what do you have to do with all of this?’

Based on the research done by Team UK, with the help of the Post-15 agenda priorities, we have decided to focus on 2 key areas which young people in the UK have said are most important to them: Violence against women (VAW) including FGM, and sexual reproductive health rights (SRHR). Based on these priorities, it is now the job of Keya, Nazzy and I to track the commitments made by the government surrounding those two priorities, and hold the UK government accountable for its actions.. It sounds scary and complicated, so here is a diagram to help make it easier to understand:

accountability advocates what we do

So, the next stage in the great plan is finding other passionate people to help us fulfil our aims. This is so that our crack Accountability Advocates team can work effectively, as well as building the capacity of the member organisations we will be working with to do youth accountability work. It’s going to be a long journey, and I’m learning as I go (playing things by ear is a big part of this position), but that doesn’t mean that I am not extremely excited to start this year of work. Lastly, big shoutout to all of the NGOs that have made this project possible:  African Monitor,  YES Ghana,  Plan,  Restless Development  and our partner the  European Commission.


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Accountability in Action – who, why and how

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