One message that could change open government

Next week,  65 member states, who have committed to the principles of transparency, accountability and citizen participation, will gather at the Open Government Partnership Summit in Mexico . The OGP seeks to raise the profile of open government issues internationally and to explore how they link to some of the largest challenges the world faces. One of our Big Idea Accountability Advocates, Richard Dzikunu from Ghana, will be attending the Summit to bring a key message to these national decision makers.

Ensuring the success of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) relies heavily on ensuring that accountability is prioritised in the post-2015 agenda. And with half the world currently under 30, who better to be at the heart of this accountability process than young people?

That’s the message that I, Richard Dzikunu, an advocate of young people’s rights and Restless Development Big Idea Accountability Advocate will bring between 26th to 30th October. I will travel thousands of miles (for over 25 hours!) to Mexico City to make my voice count for all young people at the 2015 Open Government Partnership Summit in Mexico.

I believe strongly that one key issue, not directly addressed by the OGP, is the need for civic education and meaningful participation for young people in the accountability framework.

Societies have long had an interest in how their youth are prepared for citizenship and in how they learn to take part in civic life. Today, that interest might better be described as a concern – in fact as a growing concern, particularly in democratic societies.

Join me together with other Restless Development advocates, Rocio del Carmen González Ramírez from Mexico and Fiammetta Wegner from the UK as we seek for a more holistic approach for young people in Governance.

We will bring some key questions to the Summit, including:

  • How can young people get more involved in the OGP at a national level?
  • How are you involving young people in the national actions plans?
  • How can young people play a role in monitoring those national action plans?

We can advocate for as long as we want, but until we ensure that government commit resources to policies, there can never be sustained development.

Between 26th and 30th October follow me on Twitter @DzikunuRichard and Tweet on how you can get involve on youth-led accountability remembering to tag @RestlessDev and @OpenGovPart

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One message that could change open government

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