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To mark Trustees Week, this is the first of a series of blogs from our trustees, starting with  Martin Hayman, Chair of our International Board of Trustees, reflecting on Trustees Week and Living Wage Week, and why we are proud as an agency to support both initiatives.

Trustees Week

Restless Development is a voluntary organisation so having a group of committed volunteers as our board is a natural for us. This Trustees Week, we are recognising what makes a Board truly effective. For Restless Development’s Board of Trustees, we believe it has to ensure:

  • A shared commitment to the values of the organisation
  • A balance of gender, age, experience and diversity
  • An understanding that the role is for oversight and governance and therefore to recognise the line between performing that function whilst leaving management to manage
  • That decisions are taken in the interests of all of our stakeholders and in a way in which ensures staff are respected and treated fairly
  • That it acts as the final arbiter on strategy, finance and performance
  • That it ensures risk in all its forms are well understood and actively managed
  • And finally, that it is the critical friend of the chief executive and the management team.

So do we tick all of the boxes? Well we try, and each year through board reviews we also endeavour to raise our game – challenging not the executive so much but ourselves to become more effective. When running a successful organisation, it is easy for a board to become complacent. Fortunately the independent spirits around our board table keep us firmly focussed on the job in hand.

We are excited to be sharing stories from our three newest independent spirits – Affan Cheema, Hannah Bronwin and Matthew Otubu – and we hope you enjoy reading what motivated them to become Trustees of Restless Development.

Living Wage Week

The ability to work and be productive underlines much of our vision in placing young people at the heart of development. We know how critical education is in freeing up young people from the shackles of poverty. We also know that a living wage is an essential ingredient to a young person’s independence, and if a wage is set too low it does not support them effectively as they move from an adolescent to an adult.

As a values driven organisation, we are proud of our Global Salary Scale which seeks to ensure equity is built into the salaries of all comparable roles across the organisation whilst at the same time meeting the need to attract, retain and motivate our talented staff. The scales are published and aspire not only to be fair between individuals but also to provide a fair living wage for all. We are extremely proud to be recognised as a Living Wage Employer in the UK, and are excited to be working with partners to explore the concept of a Global Living Wage. Wherever we work, we are dedicated to ensuring a fair and equitable salary, and our commitment to the Living Wage Week reflects this.

Find out more about Martin and our International Board of Trustees here.

Find out more about Trustees Week and Living Wage Week.

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