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In our series of blogs from our new Trustees,  Affan Cheema, currently Head of Programme Quality at Islamic Relief Worldwide, explains why he joined our International Board of Trustees for a four year term in July 2015.

For me the journey towards moving towards a trustee was based on three questions; do we I want to be a trustee, what can I offer and if so who do I want to be a trustee for?

After 19 years of working in the INGO sector I felt a need to not only share some of that experience but use it to help other organisations grow. I felt that I could provide guidance and best practice to ensure the success of an organisation that I was a trustee of, I was ready for the responsibility!  

So once the answer to being a trustee was answered the question of who became real. Restless Development is an organisation that I had come across and as I looked at them more closely I felt that the youth led change aspect was exciting and relevant to the fast moving world we are living in.

Many of the countries that INGOs work in have a demographic of a young population who are energetic and eager to build their own nations, Restless Development had seen this and by capturing that energy with a focus on volunteers it was making a change. Restless Development was growing as an agent of change and I felt my experience could help guide it towards greater success.

Since joining the Board of Trustees in July, I have already been in many exciting meetings which among others have focused on Restless Development’s next strategic plan and its values base. A stand out moment would however have to be meeting some of the staff who deal with the volunteer programmes and feeling the energy, dynamism and enthusiasm. If I could bottle that energy I would have!

Becoming a Trustee is a responsibility and a time commitment but it’s also fulfilling. You will not only help guide and challenge the organisation but you are also never too old to learn yourself! By being a Trustee, you are helping build and shape the future of millions of lives.
Find out more about Affan and our International Board of Trustees here.

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