How Restless Development demanded a #CoolerPlanet at the #ClimateMarch

On Sunday (29th November), hundred of thousands  of people from all over the world took to the streets to demand action on Climate Change.

In London, Restless Development hosted an event in the morning called “Hot & Bothered” to get activists clued up and ready for the March. It began with an awesome training to explain how climate change unjustly affects the world’s poorest the most. Want to know more? Read Sarah Kirkby’s blog from our #CoolerPlanet series:

Next up was an inspiring talk and creative session with Lily Mixe, who helped our activists design some brilliant placards:

We  think  that everyone enjoyed themselves quite a bit:

Oh and did we mention that this was GLOBAL:

All in all it was a pretty amazing day. And we’re not finished yet. Thanks to everyone who got involved!


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How Restless Development demanded a #CoolerPlanet at the #ClimateMarch

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