It’s our generation that will carry the burden from the decisions made in Paris

In our latest #CoolerPlanet post, Michaela Lo, a young climate activist from London, writes to world leaders meeting in Paris, calling  on them to work with young people to tackle climate change.

Dear leaders,

We can all agree that action in preventing the 2oC rise needs to start now. Not  tomorrow. Today. We, the generation of the youth, cannot afford to have another  empty agreement, as it will be us who will feel the impact.

It is your  decisions, as well as our generation’s actions, that will determine the lives of  our people and planet  in 2050 and beyond.

How do you envision the next 50 years? I think each and everyone one of us  wants to picture a future that has a stable environment, a sustainable source of  energy that can fuel economic development, and a secure source of food that  guarantees there will be a meal at the table in every household.

However in reality, we might foresee a ‘vanishing generation;’ small islands and  homes disappearing below the sea, forests collapsing to the ground, and the  crops that we depend on for food wilting away. Global economies will be run  dry due to the depletion of finite fossil fuels. I am very sure that you are all aware  of the consequences, which is why we are pushing for you to make the right  decision, right now.

I believe wholeheartedly that the former can happen. Why? Well, we already  have the technological solutions, and the contribution from fresh innovative  minds means that this technology is still evolving. On top of this, we have seen an  incredible response from people, especially youth, all over the world, coming  together to show their commitment to tackling climate change, and expressing  how important it is for them to create a better future for the world.

We, young people, will be painting the world in 2050. It is our generation that will  carry the burden from the decisions made at Paris. However, we recognise that  actions against climate change cannot be carried out by us alone. Therefore, it is  fundamental that the youth of today work with you, the current policy makers  of today. Together, we can strive for the 2oC goal at the climate  change agreement in Paris, and ensure that will not see a vanishing generation,  but instead one that protects and sustains.

Yours sincerely,

Michaela Lo, 21, from London


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It’s our generation that will carry the burden from the decisions made in Paris

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