Youth Stop AIDS celebrate World AIDS Day with #MissingMedicines campaign launch

Youth Stop AIDS, the campaigning organisation powered by Restless Development and STOP AIDS,  joined global celebrations for  World AIDS Day  with a jam-packed day of activism including the  official launch of its #MissingMedicines campaign.

Here in London, stuff got started early with AIDS ribbons being handed out outside Parliament:

The rest of the UK weren’t far behind though, with bake sales and city-wide games of Where’s Wally amongst the awareness raising activities going on:

Back in London, our ribbon distributors turned into MP catchers – getting them to pose with STOP  AIDS and commit to ending AIDS by 2030:

But let’s not forget that this is  World AIDS Day, and we had campaigners raising awareness across the globe:

At  lunchtime, we were still camped out at Parliament. This time getting MPs to hear stories from HIV & AIDS activists from across the world. Needless to say, we were full:

But eventually we made it outside and took some brilliant photos of our activists promoting the #MissingMedicines campaign:

DSCF6071-14 DSCF6063-11 DSCF6043-3

If you’re still reading you must be feeling really excited and ready to help out however you can. Good news! We have ways for you to do just that.

First of all, a reminder it’s #GivingTuesday so there’s never been a better time to donate:

But if taking action is more your thing, then here’s one thing you should do that takes two minutes:


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Youth Stop AIDS celebrate World AIDS Day with #MissingMedicines campaign launch

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