The Importance of Creativity

Miya Cotterell, your fun loving fellow creator, is getting ready to volunteer with Restless Development in Uganda this January. Before she leaves, she shares her thoughts in this post on why creativity is so important to everyone.

Creativity is essential to every human being’s existence. The ability to create is within us all, it’s what we were born to do.

Human beings have been creating since the beginning of our time, it seems in these later days people can forget the importance of it and focus more on unfulfilling tasks. Try to not let things like your job, the media and mundane chores take over your life. It’s easy to say you can’t do something because that means you don’t have to try.

As children we have such an innate passion to create. But as we get older I see it all around me, a lot of people lose touch with their creativeness which is really sad to witness.

When I talk with people about what I’ve been doing lately, I tell them about all the creative projects I’ve been working on, whether it’s painting, drawing, writing, learning an instrument, singing, etc. And the responses I get from them are shocking, “I’m not a creative person!” and “I wish I could be as creative as you!” Well, you can and you are! There is no wrong way of being creative!

Creativity shapes the minds of us all, it shapes the way we think and helps us better overcome obstacles and challenges in our lives. When we create we use developing and problem solving techniques which opens the mind to exploring new possibilities, understanding that there is not just one outcome, but endless outcomes which we can then apply to our own lives and continue to apply it outwardly.

Creativity helps us understand ourselves, our thoughts and our feelings. The more we create the easier it is to recognise the way we as individuals work. The art we create are ideas we develop on our own resulting in a final product of our ideas perceptible by our senses we can then reflect on which results  in more understanding of our consciousness. Which brings me to say that we are not always in a great state of mind and having products of our consciousness revealed to us will then push us to recognise this and will help us to make the changes we can to better ourselves.

Being creative is a beautiful way to express ourselves positively, paving the way to expressing ourselves to the world in a positive way, making positive changes in our own lives effects actions we bring out to the world.

We must enjoy our minds and its capabilities to be able to truly make healthy differences in the world.

There’s always a new perspective, find it! Get creative! Love your minds! And continue to work on them!

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The Importance of Creativity

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