Celebrating Powerful Women this Mother’s day

It’s been two weeks since Eva launched her campaign for clean water in her village in rural Tanzania. Already, Eva and thousands of people around the world are using their youth power and achieving so much. This Mother’s Day we celebrate powerful women and girls, like Eva and her mother. We celebrate  everything mothers and daughters do for each other; especially families  like Eva’s, where  her mother supports her to go to school despite the challenges of daily life in Malinzanga, and in turn Eva supports her mother by collecting water every day.


“Eva is a great kid, she’s always telling me ‘Mum, if I’m lucky enough to go to school I will really thank god and I will study all the way through’. She is clever and she is self-driven. Even when she goes to school, when she gets back home, I am happy and I have peace because I know that my child is back.

She even tells me ‘ Mum, I really do desire to work hard and do well in school because I see the girls who’ve worked hard in school and how they are able to help their struggling parents, they build houses for them and their parents live a good life, all from getting a good education. I pray to God that He helps me so that I am able to study hard and succeed.”

Eva Tolage

“In a normal day I go home at 6 pm and help my mother, we go to fetch the water in the well, I also help in the kitchen then we eat then we go to sleep.  We don’t have a lot, but we love each other very much.”


Hear more from Eva, and find out how she is using her Youth Power to change the world.

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Celebrating Powerful Women this Mother’s day

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