Great Snacks + Changing The World

Laura volunteered in Zambia on International Citizen Service (ICS) with Restless Development last year and is now our Outreach and Marketing Officer, inspiring hundreds of other young people to volunteer too!  

One of the most daunting parts of  ICS can be fundraising. I was very ambitious when I started fundraising for my Zambia placement and went full blast organising a gig with five acts, to which I invited all my friends and family, and attempted to hit my target in one go.

Whilst (thankfully) it was very successful, and I would always encourage you to think big, next time I will definitely split my fundraising  into smaller, more manageable chunks.

One of the BEST ways to do this is the classic Bake Sale. It could raise  between £50 – £200 depending on how much you have to sell and how many people you manage to corner with cake.

You can do it in all kinds of ways, too. You could pick an occasion – like Mother’s Day – and package up a hamper of cakes. If you’re hosting it at a school you could bake cake-pops. And if you’re at uni you could take a tray around to hungry students in between lectures…the possibilities are endless.

I collaborated with Katie Pix  who posts  quick, easy and fun-to-make recipes every Tuesday. I highly recommend watching if, like me, you can only make sandwiches.

What I don’t recommend is using all your data to watch three of her cookie recipes on repeat while you’re volunteering with ICS. You WILL eat all your rationed  chocolate bars from home and you WILL regret it.

Watch here for her top tips on making the cheapest but tastiest rice-crispy cakes and our top-tips for organising a Bake Sale:

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Great Snacks + Changing The World

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