Tanzania: A Snapshot Of My Volunteering Placement

Becky Mursell is a returned volunteer who  did International Citizen Service (ICS) with Restless Development in Tanzania in 2015. She has recently started working for Restless Development as a Volunteer Support Officer after further volunteering on ICS as a Team Leader in Nicaragua for 8 months with Raleigh International. In this photo blog  shares some of her favourite pictures and moments of her Tanzanian placement.  

Cooking:   This is a photo of Joy & Pricilla from my host family. In the foreground is Joy, who is cooking a lunchtime meal for the family and was an amazing cook.   We had many tasty meals throughout our stay, though a favourite treat was freshly made mango and avocado smoothies!

Pricilla is in the background about to wash her clothes.   Initially our clothes washing technique was less than impressive and was a great source of amusement with the whole family.


Dancing in the Rain: This is my favourite photo from my placement of Lily and Pricilla having fun dancing around in the rain. It will be an morning I will never forget of when the heavens opened and we all went and played in the warm downpour. It was so heavy at one stage I was able to even wash my hair in the rain!


Pricilla: This is Pricilla who was my host sister from the Maile family. Living with the Maile family was the highlight of my whole placement and were some of the most amazing people I have ever met. They were so welcoming and I hardly think there was a moment where there wasn’t the sound of laughter in the house.


Careers Fair: At the end of our placement we organised a careers fair in order to connect the students we had been working with to employers. The whole team of 40 volunteers worked incredibly hard to pull it off in a short space of time, and the event was a huge success with over 400 students attending. Here a few members of the team are sharing tips for how to write a good CV.


On our way to work: Our placement coincided with the monsoon season and this was a particular memorable ride into work in the infamous mode of transport – the bijaji. Somehow we just about managed to stay dry.


Livelihoods workshop: This is Hekela one of the national volunteers in my team. Captured here, she is leading a session on how to write a good cover letter to a group of around 30 students at the College of Business and Management   in Dar es Salaam.


On the march: We were lucky enough to be invited to join an organised march ‘Imetosha’ (meaning ‘its enough’) against Albino killing in Tanzania. We even ended up featuring briefly on TV!


Jumping the distance: At the end of our foundation training we had a fiercely contested long jump contest held on the local beach, which was won by Uk Volunteer Andy Rushton.


Find out more about Becky’s placement from her and her counterpart, Reinfrid, at Huck Magazine.

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Tanzania: A Snapshot Of My Volunteering Placement

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