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I wasn’t sure if I was really excited or really scared

Meet the four  brave volunteers about to jump head first into one of the  most adventurous fundraisers Restless has ever seen – the Charity Adventure Festival Bungee Jump.  

Meet Sharmila

When I first heard about the Charity Adventure Festival, I wasn’t sure if I was really excited or really scared. Even though I am scared of heights, I want to partake in the Charity Adventure Festival because challenging your fear and embarking on new experiences is what life should comprise of.

I started my journey as a volunteer and Restless Development gave me the platform to enhance my potential. I had a passion for working for social causes since my childhood and Restless tapped into my capacity in such a way that now I am working as a Programme Associate for a Restless Development project in Sindhuli District, Nepal.

I’m very thankful to the entire Restless family for giving me the chance to grow from a naive girl into a confident woman, and that’s why I’m raising money for them.”


Meet Umesh

“I know how fundraising can make a difference – to both those giving and those receiving. I want to raise funds for Restless Development because I know how all of us worked really hard to help the people affected by the earthquake. Even now, when we follow up with them, they are still having a hard time acquiring their basic necessities. Hence, the Charity Adventure Festival feels really close to my heart.

Restless Development is an organisation working tirelessly to provide a platform for and build the capacity of young people, so that they can take charge and embark on their dreams while simultaneously contributing to making a better society. The innovative ideas that are implemented within Restless have always impressed and inspired me.  

“The charitable contributions we receive will support the endurance, survival and hope for thousands of Nepalese like myself.”

Meet Rashmita

“Restless and I hold a common vision – people should embark on adventures – not only feel the thrill, but also do something in society to spark a change.

I want to fundraise for Restless Development because the work that Restless Development does matters. I once took part in a campaign where we sold bookmarks in order to fundraise enough money to buy books for children from underprivileged communities. It was a wonderful experience to see so many smiles across people’s faces. Nothing will ever amount to the joy of giving.

The idea of fundraising through the Charity Adventure Festival is an innovative one, as it is the first event of its kind in Nepal.

“Doing a bungee jump has been on my bucket list for many years now. And now I finally get to tick it off!”

Meet Mandeep

“I am from a rural community in the Far Western Region. Most young people in this region have no access to basic necessities like education, healthcare and adequate shelter. Faced with such hardship, even the simplest gestures could put a smile back on their face, and more importantly, be lifesaving. No matter how big or small, the  donations we receive will be immediately put to use to families who urgently need our help.  

I am so thankful to Restless Development Nepal for providing me with an opportunity to be a part of this fundraising festival. I want to live life on the edge (quite literally) whilst also contributing to the society, and that’s where the Charity Adventure Festival comes to play a huge role.

I’m very excited and hope to see others showing support for the Charity Adventure Festival.”


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I wasn’t sure if I was really excited or really scared

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