‘This is a year of change for me’

Last year, Eva, a young girl from Tanzania, started a campaign to make sure leaders deliver on promises to provide clean water in her community. We spoke to Eva to get the latest on life in her village  and find out what’s in store for her in 2017. Part of our Youth Power series to mark International Women’s Day.

What’s new for you in 2017?

This year is a year of change for me, I want to improve my studies especially in  science subjects. I know studying science provides you with lots of opportunities for future employment.

I passed the national exams, so I am very happy that I can continue with my secondary school studies.

I am envisioning to working very hard on my studies so that I improve my performance. I also wish the government and the school administration to work on addressing the challenge we are facing on lacking science subject teachers as well as inadequate laboratory equipment, I want to get quality education on science so that it helps me in future.

What was your highlight of 2016?

I learned lots of new things and I received great exposure through my [#StandWithEva] campaign. I was able to meet the Prime Minister and my MP at Dodoma – the capital city – and also got an opportunity to attend the parliamentary sessions and  learn how our representatives participate in debates and make decisions. This was a great lesson to me and my peers.

There were couple of challenges which faced my family as our farming was very much affected by drought. This made it difficult for us to get enough food, but thank God my parents are continuing to work very hard.

What challenges are you facing in 2017?

First, I would like to thank the Iringa DC who officiated the #StandWithEva campaign.

But the problem is still there. There has been a village water plan which supplies a little water to the school on share basis, but the main challenge is we do not have water reservoirs which could be used to store the water.

Do you have a message for people that support your campaign?

I want to tell them they have done a good job, they should not stop! They should keep on supporting and they should remain confident that hard working, commitment and delivering objectives will take us where we wish to be.

This interview is part of our #YouthPower series for International Women’s Day. Find out more here.

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‘This is a year of change for me’

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