Six ways to change the world while sitting on the toilet

It’s World Toilet Day. Yes, it really is a thing.

To mark this very merry occasion, wace’ve compiled a list of half a dozen ways you can make a difference to the planet from the comfort of your own bathroom.


  • Think before you flush


Sanitary towels, cleansing wipes and toilet tubes – these are just some of the items that are found lurking in the sewers, making their way to the sea. here is currently 5.25 trillion pieces of plastic debris in the ocean. Of that mass, 269,000 tons float on the surface. Just sit and think about that number for a minute, then consider what you’re about to flush away.


  • Twin your toilet


This approach has one of the most trackable results, thanks to charities like Toilet Twinning. The concept is simple: pay a fee to get involved, and have the satisfaction that your money is helping build a new, safe toilet in a community that needs one.

Not only that, but through partnership work, communities are encouraged to allow women to have a say in household decisions, whilst knowledge and understanding of the link between health and sanitation is provided. This is a long-term, loo-based solution.


  • Install an eco toilet


Besides showering (which we do urge you to do) using your loo is one of the most water-consuming activities you can do in your home. In one single flush, up to six gallons of water is wasted and, with humans supposedly producing on average 75 – 250 ml of solid waste and 1 – 2 litres of urine every day – that’s a lot of water waste racking up!

The Dual Flush toilet is an inexpensive development that offers two types of flush; 1 6L (1.6 gal) flush for solid waste and 2.3L (0.79 gal) for non solid waste. This way, you can have your poo and flush it, all for the price of less than 6 gallons!


  • Sign a petition


You have time on your hands, and mostly likely, a phone too. Why not use your time  to get active and sign up to support some brilliant petitions online such as:




  • Browse for a Bidet


OK, so bidets aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, but they certainly are more hygienic and definitely far more economic with water than regular paper-use according to Biolife Technologies. Not only do they use 1/8th of a gallon – far less than a regular loo – they also reduce the amount of water use that has gone into producing the toilet paper you might use to wipe! Japan, Venezuela, Egypt… pretty much every country bar the US and UK are big adopters of the bidet-bandwagon, so maybe we’ve been doing it wrong all this time?


  • Throw your poo out the window


Okay, maybe don’t actually do this one, but it’s a pretty great story.

A man living in the UK organised a date through dating app Tinder and after a meal returned to his home with his date. When she went to use the toilet, she had a struggle with flushing and, for some reason, threw her poo out of the window.

Long story short, the poo got stuck between a wall, the girl tried to retrieve it and got stuck, the window smashed, and firefighters were called to resolve the whole thing.

Keen to earn his money back to cover the window replacement, the guy posted on fundraising site GoFundMe, and ended up raising almost £3,000. After he’d fixed the window, he donated the remaining money to Toilet Twinning and the Firefighters Charity.

Written by Rachel and Ciaran from the UK Hub comms team. Happy World Toilet Day!


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Six ways to change the world while sitting on the toilet

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