Make Your Mark

My name is  Emmanuel  Kwakye.

When I was younger, I used to grow up determined to bear the responsibility of changing the world all by myself. As I matured, I  realised that massive change has never been, nor ever will be a result of one person’s effort. I see life like a relay race, you pick up the baton from someone who ran before you; you take it and you run as fast and as far as you can, and when you can’t run any longer, you hand the baton to somebody else.

I believe we all bring something to this world that no-one else can replicate and we must be bold enough to contribute in a way true to ourselves, with our own unique paintbrush and colours. That is what this piece is about, that if we all make our mark on the canvas of our world, the picture will become an increasingly beautiful one.

Emmanuel recently volunteered with us on International Citizen Service (ICS) in South Africa, and has used his voice to create a Spoken Word piece during the action at home stage of his ICS journey.


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Make Your Mark

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