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Making friends, creating change in Nepal

The bonds you form on ICS are like no other.

Geeta, was my counterpart. For three months, we lived together in a little wooden house in Devichaur, a community in rural Nepal. Our team facilitated school sessions, helped renovate a library and spoke at community events.

The best of friends

Our aim was to help empower themselves; to give them the confidence to broach subjects like reproductive rights and sexual health that are often taboo in their communities.
We also became the best of friends, spending most of our time outside of work together. I grew to love Nepali beauty regimes: running oil through our hair, making face masks and covering our arms with gorgeous Mehndi patterns.
Mostly I got insight into a beautiful culture, full of strong women and beautiful traditions.

How to love unconditionally

She taught me what real patience was. She taught me how to make a lasting difference without being the loudest person in the room. She taught that me it’s okay to feel deeply and love unconditionally.
I watched her grow from a somewhat shy Nepali girl into a woman who spoke about abortion in front of over 250 local women. I watched as she grew more confident in her own abilities and start to create sustainable change in both her life and in those around her.
Our last moments in Nepal were like being in a movie: a late night with rain falling as I watched her walk further and further into the distance.

Friendships that last forever

They weren’t tears of sadness of worry for my great leader. I am left with knowing what an honour it was to get to know her so well. I am sure that our paths will cross in the future, and I can’t wait to catch up and find out how she is changing the way women view themselves in Nepal.

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Making friends, creating change in Nepal

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