My name is Masunga Nagude.  I am a journalist by profession passionate about community development. At the moment I volunteer as a Youth Accountability Advocate on the TUTIMIZE AHADI project with Restless Development Tanzania – which addresses gender-based violence and violence against children. My focus is to change attitudes on the uses of family planning methods and the role of women and girls in the development of the community. I am working very hard to ensure greater equality is achieved in my community.

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Speaking to students, Selou Secondary School in Likuyuseka Ward of Namtumbo DC, when invited to talk to the students about gender equality and their role in changing the community

I decided to volunteer after realizing how important it is to give back to the community and make it a better place for everyone. When I realised young people form the majority of the Tanzania population, I was inspired to become an agent of change by raising youth awareness and fostering their knowledge on the importance of standing at the forefront of changes in their communities. That meaningful inclusion of young people will see the a society where women and men enjoy equal rights. I am looking forward to using my professional skills to give amplify young people’s voices and women in the community through advocacy campaigns.

Using media and radio to disseminate information to the Community about Gender Equality and Family planning”

I believe in the power of storytelling in changing the community. If storytelling is well used it can change inspire youth and the entire community to make society a safe place. Storytelling is very key to enable young people to express their wishes, ideas and suggest possible ways they can make change.

“Collecting Judith and Faraja story (you can see it featured here) was a great experience. It gave me a chance to learn and understand their passion and interest towards community development. It was great to know why Judith was inspired to become an agent of change and how she used her passion to support Faraja to set up a business and stand-up for her rights as a woman.”

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Myself (left) and Judith (right) posing in a picture with Faraja (center) during a visit to Mbimbi village

Their stories have given me thousands of reasons to stick to my ambition and vision to work towards community development. I aim to change young people’s perceptions of their roles in the community, showing them how to create an equal and healthy community through family planning and gender equality. I was very much moved by how Faraja has been transformed by this project and I am looking forward to support more changes to many young people’s lives.

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Holding discussion with a group of women in the community

“Good stories draw the attention of audiences, show evidence of change in someone’s life and inspire, touch and interest the community. Stories can change people’s beliefs and attitudes because people can learn from the actions taken by individuals through storytelling.”

For instance, Faraja’s story shows how the TUTIMIZE AHADI project has made positive changes to her family and community. The education she is now receiving has supported her to own a small business. This will influence the community to believe that all people are equal and can stand for change. Gender equality and Family planning are the real essence of positive development.

I’m inspired by the slogan “We stand together for better generation of tomorrow”. My ambition is to use my career to bring young people’s voices together so they can contribute and participate actively in the development of themselves and the community.

By joining hands with fellow youth in carrying the development banner, I hope to see the a world where women and girls have equal rights as men and boys. Also, I envision myself building community awareness on better use of modern contraceptives, and how that will improve the community.



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