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Plastic bottles: An environmental con

Why are there plastic bottles all over the place?

That was one of the first questions I asked myself as I looked at the hustle and bustle of Chennai for the first time. Strangely, it’s what I wondered as I left Heathrow and began my journey home. We’ve got magic recycling bins in the UK, once our plastic is dumped in there we never see it again, right? Wrong. With a bit of digging, I discovered that only 57% of the bottles we use make it to a recycling plant. The rest wind up in the incinerator, landfill or cluttering up the environment. Every one of those outcomes needlessly contributes to the destruction of the natural world. By the way, the UK uses more than 13 billion plastic bottles a year, half of which are water bottles.

“I’m just getting a bottle of water to take to work”

I’ll come out and say it, bottled water is a con. It’s a waste of your money and damages the environment in one way or another. Every workplace in Great Britain is obligated by law to provide free water for the people working there. Buy a reusable water bottle and make it your new best friend. Fill it from your tap and take it to work, to the gym, take it on a date if you want. Restaurants, bars, and any other licensed premises have to give you free water too, it’s great.

“But I can’t get fizzy drinks from the tap”

If you need to get your carbonated drink fix for the day, all I can recommend is buying one big bottle, rather than a number of small ones. Or, you know, drink some delightful free water instead. If you get stuck with a number of plastic bottles and no longer trust the recycling bin, look online. You can make sweeping brushes, cups, shoes, bins and any number of other things out of any bottles you have lying around.

Here are some great things to do with your plastic.  

Seriously, make yourself a sweeping brush, they’re fantastic.

By Luke Robinson, tap water enthusiast.

All facts and figures used were found here.


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Plastic bottles: An environmental con

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