A catch up with Youth Advocate Musanga at the African Youth SDG Summit

This week we have been at the African Youth SDG summit in Ghana in support of our Youth Accountability Advocate Masunga who works in Tanzania collecting data to address gender-based violence and violence against children. The summit has discussed the importance of a gender-diverse and youth-led movement of advocacy for the region’s commitments to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). We caught up with Musanga about his work and what he was most excited about during the conference.

How has your advocacy project been going so far?

“I have completed phase one of the data collection process for the research on the Family Planning 2020 project and phase two on SDGs. This data collection allows me to hold leaders accountable for their commitments made on family planning and gender equality.”

“I have learned how to use social media such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to implement information sharing.”

“I have enjoyed presenting my findings to decision makers and the larger community as well as young people.”

What has it meant for you to be at the Africa SDG summit?

“It has been a great opportunity for sharing ideas and learning how to foster youth engagement in the implementation of the SDGs. I got to showcase the great work I am doing with Restless Development to make the community a better place.”

“Being at the summit has ignited my passion for working for community development particularly in women and girls empowerment”

What did you get out of this experience?

“It is has been a golden chance for me to stretch my wings by expanding my networks. I was able to expand my knowledge through learning from others at the event. I heard about other peoples successes and challenges of implementing the SDGs. I also learnt new ways of making the implementation of SDGs work.”

What messages did you advocate at the summit?

“Young people, particularly women and girls are too often excluded from decisions that affect their lives, therefore, the work of youth advocates is essential to promote, provide, protect and enhance the fundamental rights of every girl and women.”

“Leaders at the Africa youth SDGs summit in Ghana must ensure that the data and solutions created by young people can feed into regional and global reporting on the progress to achieve the SDGs.”


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A catch up with Youth Advocate Musanga at the African Youth SDG Summit

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