Introducing our youth reporters in Uganda

Several of our ICS national and international volunteers have put themselves forward to be Restless Development Youth Reporters. They will be sharing stories of the people they meet and the impact they have whilst on their placement in Uganda. Meet the team!


Kennedy Ouma

Twitter: @oumakennedyc

“The ability to provide your readers with an intriguing piece, regardless of the topic at hand, is a skill that sets the good apart from the great. I enjoy talking to people and learning how to entice conversations”




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“The press and media have a huge responsibility, as they have the power to influence our perceptions and the way we understand the world around us. I think this is something that should not be taken lightly, and hope that I can use this platform to spread a more positive and empowering depiction of Africa.”






“As a reporter, quitting is no option. When the writing gets tough, we might have to move out of our comfort zone to get the  crack a good story.”










“A photograph says a thousand words.”









“I want to bring out my inner self and gain more experience in reporting. Being a youth reporter will be a great way to improve my writing and communication skills while contributing to a community project. I expect to  meet new people and broaden my  

networking circle.”



Twitter: @EllyFrancesca

elly roberts.jpegInstagram: @Ellyinsquares    

“As a natural storyteller, I am always looking for other people’s perspectives and opinions on matters that are important to  them and to the story I am researching.”







Twitter:  @issyineson

I am really interested in learning about the individual stories of people in the community and I think this will give me a great platform in order to do this. It will also allow me to keep my friends and family at home involved in the work we are doing in  

Uganda. “




Catherine amoit.jpeg


“While working with the Uganda Village Project, I participated in writing articles; Social media and blog posts. I will bring these skills to the team”






“I want to bring extraordinary youth stories to the attention of the world through reporting”








“I always want to find out what happens in the world. I love my country Uganda so much. I love looking into people’s lives.”

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From left to right: Aswini, Elly, Isabel, Andrew  

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Introducing our youth reporters in Uganda

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