The 30th anniversary of World AIDS Day: UK Events

World AIDS Day is held each year on the 1st of December. It is an opportunity to raise awareness about the fight against HIV as well as a chance to show support for people living with HIV and to remember the people who have passed away from AIDS.

HIV (human immunodeficiency virus) is the virus which can lead to AIDS if not treated. Unlike other viruses, humans can’t get rid of the HIV virus completely, even with treatment. This sadly means that once you get HIV, you have it for life.

So what is AIDS? AIDS (acquired immune deficiency syndrome) is the most severe phase of HIV infection. It is a disease in humans which causes a severe loss of the body’s cellular immunity. This means that the resistance to infections is lowered and so life threatening infections like cancer can thrive.

AIDS is a leading killer of young people worldwide. Currently, there are 39. million people living with HIV and 59% of these people have access to treatment.

Currently, no effective cure exists. However, with thorough medical care, HIV can be controlled and therefore people living with HIV who are on effective treatments can have a normal life expectancy.

More people are now receiving treatment than ever before. AIDS related deaths have been reduced by more than 51% since the peak in 2004 and in 2017, 80% of pregnant women living with HIV had access to antiretroviral medicines which prevented the transmission of HIV to their babies.

So how can you help the fight against HIV and AIDS?

To mark the 30th anniversary of World AIDS Day, Youth Stop AIDS are teaming up with STOPAIDS and lots of groups to hold the  ENDAIDS2030 Festival from 26th November to 3rd December.

The aim of the festival is to  raise awareness  among the public about the UK and global HIV responses and  inspire  them towards the global goal of ending AIDS by 2030. They want the festival to create as much noise as possible, making the message that  we can end AIDS by 2030 if we take action now, loud and clear!

You can find out more by visiting the links!

If you’d like to give your support, why not attend a local event. There are plenty of events and festivals all over the UK where you can help raise awareness.

The Youth Stop AIDS Big Weekend – Leeds

This year we’re taking our fight to end AIDS up to Leeds. Following the 30th anniversary of World AIDS Day, The Big Weekend will bring together the creativity, radicalism and learning that we need in the fight for global justice.

You can get your tickets here!

2nd World AIDS Day at the Crick – London

Join us Friday 30th November for talks, panel discussions, Q&A sessions and more.

Get your tickets here!  

World AIDS Day 2018 – Essex

Join us on Saturday 1 December as we strive to end HIV transmission and stop stigma.

You can get your tickets here!  

World AIDS Day Conference 2018 – Luton

Luton HIV Partnership invite you to our annual World AIDS Day event. This year our conference will have presentations from health professionals working with people living with HIV.

You can get your tickets here!

World AIDS Day Red Run – London

Red Run 2018 takes place on Saturday the 1st of December 2018 – the 30th World AIDS Day anniversary – the World AIDS Day Red Run is a 10K or 5K charity run through leafy Victoria Park, East London to support 30 essential HIV charities across the UK!

Register here!

Commemorating The 30th World AIDS Day – Manchester

The World AIDS Day Vigil, awareness-raising and fundraising activities are organised and delivered by the Passionate about Sexual Health (PaSH) Partnership.    The PaSH Partnership is a collaboration between BHA for Equality, George House Trust and LGBT Foundation.

You can register to volunteer here!

Joseph Cotgrave: World AIDS Day – Liverpool

Ahead of World AIDS Day on 1 December, we are hosting a pop-up workshop with artist Joseph Cotgrave here at the Walker.

Find more information here!  

World AIDS Day Event – Bristol & Bath Science Park

The Diversity Trust are working with Brigstowe to put on a public event to celebrate World AIDS Day. The event will take place on Tuesday 27th November 2018 from 6.30-8.30pm at the Bristol & Bath Science Park.

You can get your tickets here!

World AIDS Day Concert – Brighton

Now in its 12th year, 2018 once again sees Brighton & Hove’s LGBT choirs and musicians joining forces to put on their annual World AIDS Day fundraising concert. The venue, BrightonStMary, is a 2 minute walk from the World AIDS Day – Brighton & Hove memorial and the concert is timed to start after the vigil and reading of the names.

Find more information here!


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The 30th anniversary of World AIDS Day: UK Events

by Anna Ashbarry Reading time: 3 min