Meet Moses, the Primary School teacher who won’t miss an opportunity to learn

Angella is an ICS Volunteer and Youth Reporter from Uganda who has just finished her placement.

Born in Apach Baronyang village, Uganda, 25 year old Moses is a teacher who caught our attention when he attended every single session in our youth group. We later found out that he is headmaster of the primary school where we held our sessions.

Moses is the 7th out of 17 children born in his family. With so many children to provide for, his parents could not afford to pay for his higher education.  He decided to take matters into his own hands and saved up so he could take a teaching course instead.

After completing his course, Moses got a job at Nakisa day and boarding school later moving on to teach at his current school; Gospel Centre Nursery and Primary School.

The school takes in orphans and children whose parents cannot afford to pay and and gives them a chance to study for free or with subsidised school fees.

Moses with some of his  pupils at his school at Gospel centre nursery and primary school.

Moses expressed a huge joy in teaching at his school and has risen in position quickly: ” i came as a teacher and now i am a headmaster”

“I look up to the school’s founder, Mr Micheal Ogala because he has a kind heart and a vision for these kids and his school. That is the kind of person I want to be.”

Moses told us that he has always wanted to start his own business; opening up a shop selling merchandise but he lacked the skills and confidence to do so. He said that in the area in which he lives, many people have so much potential but lack the knowledge and skills to succeed.

“Since i met the team from Restless Development, I have learnt a lot.”

Moses now plans to start his own business using the entrepreneurial skills he has gained. He is particularly interested in using the strategic planning techniques he has learnt during the sessions.

Moses is now confident that he has the skills he needs to achieve his dream of becoming a businessman.

“I am so excited and appreciative that i met with people from Restless Development.”

Moses with some of his colleagues at the Gospel nursery and primary school.

Angella Babigonza

Angella Babigonza

'Being a reporter gives me an opportunity to get a different perspective of life through someone else's eyes or opinion. As a reporter, one gets to capture moments in other people's lives, moments that make them laugh, smile and cry.'

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Meet Moses, the Primary School teacher who won’t miss an opportunity to learn

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