The greatness and beauty of differences

Angella is an ICS Volunteer and Youth Reporter from Uganda who has just finished her placement.

Volunteering with Restless Development was the most I had ever felt out of my comfort zone. Although I grew up in Uganda’s capital city, Kampala, my life has never been as challenging as my time in Kitimbwa. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed every second of my time in that village.

The experience is not just about different people coming together to create change, which was wonderful, but it’s also about how my overall mindset and perspective has changed.

Growing up in Uganda, the things we watch, listen to or even hear other people say, often show westerners represented as superior to us, with their lives all figured out. This notion of racial superiority is wrong and inhumane.

While on the ICS programme I realised that Westerners are just as vulnerable as we Africans are. We can all succeed and achieve great things if we can access the same opportunities.

It’s so sad that as humans, we often don’t realise the positive power we each have through our differences. It’s with programmes like ICS  where we realise that there is power in unity.

Let’s not be afraid of our differences and think of them as reasons to be divided, but let’s allow them to compliment each other and be the reason we come together to make positive change in communities.

When races come together for a common goal, the world shall progress at a speed like never before.

The team of Kitimbwa


  • Angella Babigonza

    'Being a reporter gives me an opportunity to get a different perspective of life through someone else's eyes or opinion. As a reporter, one gets to capture moments in other people's lives, moments that make them laugh, smile and cry.'

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The greatness and beauty of differences

by Angella Babigonza Reading time: 1 min