Against all odds

9 year old Hattie has grown up with Cerebral Palsy, but that hasn’t stopped her from taking part in the Flight Centre Schools Triathlon, raising money for Restless Development.

I was born at 29 weeks rather than 40 so I started life 13 weeks early. My parents were told I had Cerebral Palsy and would never be able to walk. If I did ever walk, my parents were told that I would have to have walking aides. But against all odds, I have managed to walk just like anyone else!

I am now 9 years old and I am preparing for my third Flight Centre Schools Triathlon in support of Restless Development. I am so excited! Everyone has been so encouraging, including my lovely swimming teacher who has helped me wonderfully with triathlons and says that I have come a long way.

My family has also been amazing, especially my mummy who has taken me to all my physio and appointments over the years. They have supported me all the way.

In the triathlon there are three sports: swimming, cycling and running. For me, swimming is my favourite, it makes me feel happy. In swimming, it’s my arms that do a lot of the work. I enjoy cycling but in cycling, you obviously have to use your legs a lot.

If I am honest, running is not my favourite! However, I have learnt to do it and get a lovely feeling of happiness because I’m with my friends who are so supportive.

I know that I won’t come first, but to me, it is about being in a team with my friends and the taking part that matters.

That is why you should get involved; anyone can give it a go!           

Hattie with her team ‘The Wonky Donkeys’

The Flight Centre Schools Triathlon is one of the largest sporting charity events aimed at young people in the UK. Since 2015, More than 9,000 participants have taken part, raising an incredible £740,000 for Restless Development and Local Charities. This year we want to break-through £1 Million!


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Against all odds

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