International Women’s day: Celebrating some of the inspirational women from my community

Anna completed her ICS placement in Nepal a year ago, as a youth reporter alumni she continues to contribute to our blog. As part of our International Women’s Day ‘celebratory series’, Anna profiles the inspiring young women she volunteered with.

Last year, I took part in an ICS placement in Nepal with Restless Development. I was placed in a community in Bhardev with four female volunteers from the UK and three female volunteers from Nepal. As international women’s day is fast approaching, I thought it would be a great opportunity to introduce these volunteers and share why these incredible women have had such a positive impact on my life.


Lydia is a natural leader. She is a strong, independent and inspiring woman who often held the team together in our toughest times.


Divya is a team player. She was fantastic at organising and facilitating conversations with the local stakeholders, school teachers and our host families.


Hiba is a very creative person. She was always coming up with fresh ideas and she was great at documenting our journey of our time in our placement community.


Lila is the most active, energetic and organised person. She was always socialising with everyone in the community, which made us all feel so welcomed and relaxed.


Rukaiya is a great listener and a very supportive person. She was always full of great ideas and was also very encouraging to others.


Purnima is always in a good mood. She was always making us giggle and she was great at keeping up team morale. Purnima was also amazing when working with school children.


Sophie is strong and determined. She was a great asset to the team, always getting involved, especially with team meetings and planning.

My placement would not have been the same without these incredible women to share it with. Each of them brought their own individual asset and held a vital part of the team and together we formed a unique bond which we will hold on to forever. I have very fond memories of our placement and I often think about the incredible times we shared. We all still keep in touch today, supporting and inspiring one another to continue to make positive change wherever we go.

Anna Ashbarry

Anna is a freelance content creator and an activist who is extremely passionate about the environment. She loves to write and blog about her passions and experiences. In 2018, Anna was a Youth Reporter and volunteer on the ICS placement in Nepal with Restless Development. Many of her articles share stories, tips and advice for future ICS volunteers.

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International Women’s day: Celebrating some of the inspirational women from my community

by Anna Ashbarry Reading time: 2 min