To continue our celebratory series of Restless Women for International Woman’s Day, ICS volunteer and Youth Reporter Angella shares the story of an inspiring woman she met whilst on placement.

Prossy is one of the Restless Development host parents, housing volunteers on their placements with International Citizen Service.

In places like Kitimbwa, Uganda, women are mainly known as housewives, but not Prossy.

Prossy is famous in the Kitimbwa region for her Green corner restaurant and butcher shop. Her nickname is “Mama Muzeyi”.

She was brought up by her relatives, along with her 13 brothers and sisters because their dad was mentally unwell and couldn’t take care of them. She then dropped out of secondary school when she became pregnant as a teenager. This did not stop her from building a successful career.

Prossy, her husband and grandchild in front of her green corner restaurant.

With a dream and a vision, Prossy was determined to become successful in her home town. She began by renting her restaurant using money she had saved up.  She attracted a few customers at first, but as the business grew so did the crowds. Now she is well known in the town of Kitimbwa for her delicious food. 

Prossy serving food at her restaurant.

From the success of her business, Mama Muzeyi has been able to build a home where she hosts Restless Development volunteers. “I have developed a lot from this restaurant” she says.

“Hosting people earns you respect in Kitimwa town and I wanted that kind of respect.”

Prossy is seen as a hardworking woman in town. In addition to her well renowned restaurant, she also owns a butcher shop, decorating company, and a farm distributing food to her restaurant and others in the community.  She also invites people from nearby farming companies to her farm to learn from her and improve on their farming skills.

Prossy walking to walk

Prossy is also a member of the Kitimbwa Women’s Savings and Credit Cooperative Organizations (SACCO). , whose all female members agree to save money and offer loans to support each other.

Prossy has a vision for her town and is determined to build and contribute to the success of Kitimbwa.

“In future i wanted to host Radio Simba to speak to my community and give advice to my people in Kitimbwa”.

Angella Babigonza

Angella Babigonza

'Being a reporter gives me an opportunity to get a different perspective of life through someone else's eyes or opinion. As a reporter, one gets to capture moments in other people's lives, moments that make them laugh, smile and cry.'

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