Youth Strike 4 Climate Change London

Today thousands of young people from over 100 countries across the world missed school as part of a global Youth Strike 4 Climate Change. Communications Officer Poppy Bullen went to the protest in Parliament Square, London to speak the young people demanding those with power treat the future of their planet as a priority.

Hundreds of thousands of Young people from Cities across Europe, Australia, Asia, Africa and the US took to the streets to for the biggest Youth Strike 4 Climate change march yet.

16 year old Swedish climate change activist Greta Thunberg has inspired Children and young people across the globe after skipping school every Friday since august 2018 to lobby her government to take action on global warming.

From freak weather conditions due to a dangerous rise in greenhouse gases, there are many terrifying effects of global warming that young people will have to bear the brunt off.

What’s more, the people living in the South like Franco, who are at risk of the worst effects of climate change, mostly caused by harmful neglect of the west.

Hannah Dewhirst, UK Youth Action Coordinator for Restless Development was at the march:

We spoke to other young people about why the strike was important to them:

Check out our pictures of the March here!


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Youth Strike 4 Climate Change London

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