From menstruation to safe sex, the lessons from ICS team Nazigo

Bwire Humphrey is a  youth reporter and volunteer who has recently returned from the ICS program at Restless Development in Uganda, team Nazigo. During the last few days working at St. Johns Apollo Secondary School, Humphrey spoke to some of the students about what they had learnt from Restless Development’s sessions about health.

“My name is am Babirye Madinah senior two from St. Johns Apollo kayunga District, I was really happy to learn about my personal development.

The volunteers taught us how to make reusable sanitary pads, the importance of condoms, how HIV is transmitted, and the menstruation cycle. They showed us love, courage, unity and cooperativeness and now I can make my own reusable sanitary pad from the lessons they gave to us, Thank you Restless Development!”

“My name is Kantono Hanifah. It was a surprise to learn about my menstrual cycle and how to make pads, prevent HIV/AIDS and how to stay safe. I am enjoying the last day of events with Restless Development.”

“My name is Nampiima Mariam and I am a Senior one from St. Johns Apollo. I was really happy to study important factors in my life. Now I know how to prevent early pregnancy and HIV/AIDS. Thank you for loving my country Uganda.”

St. Johns Apollo secondary school girls answering quiz questions during the in school Health Event

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From menstruation to safe sex, the lessons from ICS team Nazigo

by Bwire Humphrey Reading time: 1 min