Business is sweet: Stella’s story

Youth Reporter Agnella recently finished her placement volunteering with ICS. Whilst on placement, Angella met Stella, a young entrepenur with big plans for her buisness.

Tabu Stella is a 22-year-old girl who defined all odd to bravely to start a business amidst being a laughing stock in her village of Kitimbwa. After school, she enroled in a course in computer science and maintenance.

Stella who is the 5th of 6 children decided to start a confectionery shop at the age of 18 after her mother passed away. She dropped her previous job in Kayunga due to insufficient pay and decided to move back to Kitimbwa.

“I was always shy to run my business because people used to laugh at me believing that I had wasted my parent’s money by going to school since I wasn’t doing what I had studied to do.”

On January 4th 2016 Stella opened her buisness with help from her family. Her foster money gave her some money, her brother donated a fridge for the shop and her foster father gifted her a table. With this support Stella opened her buisness and is now successfully running the only confectionary shop in Kitimbwa.

Stella the sole proprietor of confectionery.   

With the money from her foster mother , Stella  bought a crate of soda, 1 box of water, and ingredients to make ‘kaveera passion fruit juice’, ‘kaveera pineapple juice’ and the ‘kaveera water’.

“Customer care is key in this kind of business if you want to attract more customers compared to other people trying to sell these kinds of things,”

“In order to see the business to grow to what it is now, I  had to reinvest every single shilling I got in the business.” In 5 to 10 years from now, Stella wants to open the first big supermarket in Kitimbwa.

Stella in her shop


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Business is sweet: Stella’s story

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