Snapshot: Robinah, a young dressmaker in Kitimbwa.

Danielle Dempsey is an ICS Volunteer and youth reporter who has recently finished her placement in Kitimbwa, Uganda where she met Robinah.

Robinah working on a dress

Robinah Akoth is a young woman who owns a dressmaking shop on the fringe of Kitimbwa village.

Her shop is like a mini community; a gathering of friends and clientele. Robinah’s infectious smile and the unbroken laughter sets the mood of her shop and is clearly part of her unique selling point.

Robinah standing amongst her garments in her shop in Kitimbwa.

She was trained informally by her mother, who also owned a dressmakers shop in Kitimbwa, but recently passed away.

Robinah is the only person working for the business, which has now been running for one year. She creates the designs the clothes herself, outsourcing the materials from Kampala.

She spends roughly one hour to produce each garment and sells her clothes locally to women in Kitimbwa, and neighbouring villages.

 Garments Robinah has designed and created.

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Snapshot: Robinah, a young dressmaker in Kitimbwa.

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