#TheTimeisNow Mass Lobby: In Pictures

On Wednesday, Restless Development staff and volunteers – based in the UK – joined thousands of people – young and old – to participate in the biggest ever mass lobby of MPs organised by The Climate Coalition and GreenerUK.  

Scroll down to see our brilliant activists (and staff), and read about what they got up to on the day.

We kicked the day off at our UK office with social media and MP lobbying training with Georgia, the campaigns coordinator. We made placards, discussed what we wanted to say to our MPs and decided to take on different social media roles so we could connect with others online and share what we got up to on the day!

With our placards, heading out to queue with our fellow constituents at different points all around parliament and (hopefully) meet our MPs!

Those of us from London constituencies, were positioned on the other side of the river, opposite parliament. The atmosphere was great with people everywhere huddling in their constituencies talking to their MPs!

Isobel questioning Emily Thornberry MP, Shadow Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs, on having a traffic light system for our products so we can more easily identify low carbon products and make more ethical consumer decisions!

Lara speaking face-to-face with her MP, Rachael Maskell to tell her The Time is Now for bolder action on climate change and the environment. Rachael told Lara that she wasn’t the MP for adults but for everyone! And encouraged her to use her platforms to make change, which is just as well, since Lara was on our UK twitter feed live updating our audiences!

Lara told us she was new to twitter but that after today she will definitely be using it again!

Amanda, Helena and Isobel, posing for a photo with Ed Miliband MP. Unlike other MPs, who unfortunately did not turn up, Ed spoke with his constituents for over 2 hours!

UK based Staff joined to support our activists and make sure that the UK government heard that Restless Development is calling for stronger action on climate change too!

Today, just a day after our action at the mass lobby, the UK has become the first major economy to legislate to bring all greenhouse gas emissions to net zero by 2050! We know that we need to reach this target as soon as possible and ideally before that date but for today let’s celebrate our success in getting our MPs to listen!

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#TheTimeisNow Mass Lobby: In Pictures

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