Mother, Buisness woman and community leader: the many hats of Peace

Nancy and Catherine are youth reporters and ICS volunteers who have just finished their placement with Restless Development Uganda. During their placement, they meet an inspirational young woman named Peace.

As Youth Reporters, we are always trying to identify the hidden and look out for stories that inspire and motivate us to bring about change and youth development.

Nanangwe Peace, age 27 is a phenomenal woman. She is a mother, business lady and treasure of Afaayo Youth Development Group in Nakirubi village a placement in Kangulumira sub-county.

Peace the youth group leader

Peace has always been passionate about bringing young people together, which motivated her to become a youth group leader. As a leader, she has the responsibility to give counselling to fellow youths and says that “it is very important if the youths trust you with their problems”.

It can be challenging as a youth group leader. Peace finds it hard to work with some young people who are sometimes too proud to share their problems. However, she doesn’t let this affect her motivation and desire to bring them together.

“Many young people in my community are not in school because their parents can not afford school fees.” Peace said that being out of school can lead to many of the young girls becoming teenage mothers. Some young people turn to crime.

Peace and her two children at a trigger drama rehearsal for the youth group.

We asked Peace about the possible solutions to the problems she listed and she said that young people need to be educated in vocational skills. Young people are willing, but lack of access to capital prevents them from succeeding. 

Peace said that Restless Development is supporting the youths in her community, training them in various skills.  She would like to see the Government of Uganda providing young people with capital so that they can put into action the skills they have acquired.

Peace the businesswoman

Peace started making and selling bags in 2018. she was inspired by a bag sample in Kampala and decided to make one for herself since she already knew how to use a sewing machine. When People saw the sample she started getting orders!

Buisness is good for Peace who makes a good profit, selling small bags for 40,000/= (Ush). The business has meant peace is self-sufficient and is able to sustainably afford day to day life and activities like rent, and feeding herself and her children.

Peace explaining to Cathy the process of making her bags.

A major challenge for peace business is customers ordering the bags on credit and taking longer to pay for them.

In the future, Peace intends to get a permanent place for herself so that she can stock liquid soap to sell and make it accessible for people to come and pick the supplies from her

Peace hopes to teach people about all the livelihood skills and SRHR skills she has learned from Restless Development, from Vaseline making and liquid soap making to making sanitary towels.

Peace helping during the liquid soap making session run by ICS volunteers.

Above all things, peace wants to create a safe shelter for young girls, provide guidance and counselling to them and act as their Senga (Aunt).  

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Mother, Buisness woman and community leader: the many hats of Peace

by Akello Nancy Ongom Reading time: 2 min