Education beyond classes, changemakers with a difference

Nancy is a youth reporter and ICS volunteer who have just finished their placement with Restless Development Uganda.

Restless Development is doing amazing work in communities, providing Education that goes beyond classes, equipping out of school youths with livelihood skills and training change makers to advocate for change through social accountability.

Young people should be able to advocate and deliver by being actively involved in decisions that affect them. ICS volunteers supported young people is the Kayunga community to make their voices heard and engage with their leaders.

Restless Development is actively spreading education awareness and changing young people’s lives. As someone who studied in a rural school, education was never really fun for me and fellow students and for that simple reason the majority failed to enjoy learning and left school early. Restless Development makes education fun and exciting for young learners by introducing in school activities like talent shows and teachers engagement. 

Nancy with teachers from the Victory Nursery and Primary School handing out books after the talent show organised by Restless Development.

Restless Development with its new partner school Victory Nursery and Primary School made an epic impact on the lives of students and the Kayunga community. And as a youth Reporter, I couldn’t really miss out on the opportunity to share this amazing experience. 

It was a culture and common practice at Victory Nursery and Primary School to organize school science fair every year but this time around it was a totally new experience. The Restless Development Team not only educated pupils on Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR) sessions and issues but also through teachers engagement. The students were able to learn several practical life skills which we would usually teach to out of school youths.

Pupil Nakato from Victory Nursery and Primary School making reusable sanitary pads and demonstrating it to parents and members of the community with support from ICS volunteer Cathy.

The students were very excited and couldn’t wait to start advocating for change in their community. They took the initiative to showcase all the activities and skills they learned from the Restless Development team during the science fair day on Saturday 13th July 2019. 

A pupil from Victory Nursery and Primary School making petroleum jelly in front of parents at the science fair

The livelihood and SRHR skills and activities demonstrated included among others; Petroleum Jelly making, Harbal Jelly making, Liquid Soapmaking, Cake making (bakery), Soya milk making, Reusable sanitary pad making, Family planning lessons.

The life of victory primary school students will never be the same again as they are now seen as the ambassadors for change in Nakirubi community. 

Pupil Ouma Samuel with a fellow student from Victory Nursery and Primary School making liquid soap in front of parents at the science fair

I hope that Restless Development continues with the good work of changing lives in the rural communities of Uganda and creating amazing partners that are always willing to impart change in young people’s lives.


  • Akello Nancy Ongom

    Nancy is a lawyer and youth Advocate: "I love to write and I am always aiming to inspire and motivate others while bearing in mind that there is no greater sadness than keeping an untold story inside." Nancy Ongom is a Law Graduate (LLB) from Uganda Christian University-Mukono. She is very passionate about Human Rights and Sexual Gender Based Violence (SGBV) and have recently completed a Trainer of Trainers (TOTs) certificate Course in Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR). Nancy Ongom volunteers with Youth Led Organizations and actively engages in civic participation and was implementing a change project on Menstrual Hygiene Management before closure of schools. Engaging young girls and boys in Primary schools and also introducing them to the aspect of social accountability and advocacy. Nancy Ongom is currently a member of National Youth Engagement Network (NYEN Uganda) and a Youth Compact Champion.

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Education beyond classes, changemakers with a difference

by Akello Nancy Ongom Reading time: 2 min