Hacking the world’s biggest problems

The world is facing serious barriers to development and progress, from climate change to shrinking civil society spaces and growing inequalities. It’s easy to be despondent, but if studying history has taught us anything its that the answer to seemingly insurmountable hurdles were out there long before they were brought to bear. They were alive in the minds of young people who would hack the world’s systems to bring progress. On the 16th September, as part of Restless Development’s director’s conference, we invited over 100 such young minds and representatives from youth organisations to a day-long hackathon.

The participants worked together to mine solutions focusing around six specific, pressing areas; Climate Justice, Community-led Humanitarian response, Sexual rights, Meaningful livings, Youth civil society and Youth Powering progress on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Over four hours attendees worked to identify and flesh out solutions before connecting with other young advocates, activists, organisations, community leaders and change-makers to organise and commit to beginning work to apply them.

We heard from young people seizing the initiative and taking the lead in all these areas proving young people aren’t just the future, young people are the right now. Scroll to the bottom to hear some of their best ideas from the day and if you have a great solution, or idea, for how to move the world forward, leave a comment.

Hack Highlights

Vanessa Anglade on Sexual Rights
Renee Campbell on youth employment and meaningful livings
Saffi Jones and Sayed Shah on youth civil society
Jessie Leigh on youth civil society

Ben Lacey

Ben Lacey is a communications officer for Restless Development, and editor of the WeAreRestless blog. He loves writing and reading and spends his spare time performing as a spoken word poet around London.

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Hacking the world’s biggest problems

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