Sophie has been fundraising for Restless Development for 3 years. She came to speak at our End of Year celebrations. This is what she had to say.

Hello my name is Sophie and I have done the triathlons for three years and have been one of the top fundraisers.

I prepared for the schools triathlons by doing a bake sale at my mum’s work, by asking my friends to join a team and deciding on a team name, by setting up a JustGiving page and contacting friends and family to give £10. 

Then a few days before my mum and dad’s companies both matched my total – last year my team raised £1367 which meant we ended up with £3864.

The hardest part was training! I went for a run to the beach but then had to run all the way back up big hills and got so tired that I decided to take a sports buggy instead.

I think it’s important to do things like this because we can help others, make a difference and have fun.

Kids think they are too small to make a difference on things like climate change but small people can do anything!

Me and my friend Elsa are the Eco Council at my school. We make the school a more eco friendly place by doing things like litter picks and we help the wider world.

Greta Thunberg is my role model. She is brave to speak up for her and other childrens’ future and she shows that anyone can make a difference. Franco also speaks up and helped feed people and stop climate change.

Everyone here can help too, by taking part in the triathlons and other charity events. You can also switch off the lights, drive less and use bars of soap without a carbon footprint instead of liquid ones.

Join Sophie and help people like Franco to transform their communities. Donate to our Big Give Christmas Appeal before midday on Tuesday 10th December and anything you donate will be doubled.

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Small people can do anything!

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