We are running out of time. Young People must turn climate protest into climate action, fast.

The last decade was a decade of climate protest, young people must make this the decade of climate action, says Saffran Mihnar.

The last decade will go down in history because it has reshaped the world in every way from technology, socialisation, environment, politics, economics, activism and many more things. 

We have witnessed the rise of young people; putting pressure on their governments to take strong climate action. Especially towards raising the ambitions of the Paris Agreement. Right now we’re going in the wrong direction. 

Today millions of young people are gathering on the streets demanding climate justice, but at the same time, I think it’s really important for us as young people to take strong grassroots level actions in our respective countries. 

I strongly believe the role of young people, apart from public demonstrations or climate strikes, is getting on the ground at a national level engaging communities and providing more climate solutions to advance climate action. 

Let me also remind you that, 30 years ago we did have climate strikes and public demonstrations around, but we didn’t have the means to connect or hear about it. Fortunately, in the 21st Century, we have reached the top rungs of technology and the world is connected. 

The way we can move forward is to use the current momentum and mobilisation power towards helping our cities and towns to move towards climate-neutrality. Young people need to have a seat at the table especially in local community engagements spaces with governors and city mayors. In order that they can contribute in ways such as; providing strong proposals for climate solutions that can be implemented initially with the existing resources available in the city and organising more and more awareness programmes that strongly emphasise the importance of individual action.

Young people represent more than half of the world population, that means it’s for our present and future that we are fighting for a livable planet. I’m afraid that we are in a huge big bubble calling for actions only but we are failing to act upon providing solutions. 

We have entered a new decade that will go down in history as an important one. Because it’s the last chance that we have to correct the course direction of the world in many ways but especially on environmental impact from global warming, plastic waste, the water crisis, sustainable consumption and production and poverty. 

If we as youth don’t take immediate action by moving more towards action-oriented generation,  I’m afraid that we will lose the battle against climate change. If we don’t change the course of direction more towards climate action. 

The world is running out of time. We are in a Climate Emergency!

Let’s work together to reshape the world by dedicating ourselves to a #decadeofaction. On all the areas that’s required from climate action to eradicating poverty. 

The clock has started ticking towards the last breath for our mother earth!

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We are running out of time. Young People must turn climate protest into climate action, fast.

by Saffran Mihnar Reading time: 2 min