Triathlons Champions: Feltonfleet

Turbo SHAW’s Alex, Sam, Harry and Will, were the top fundraising team at Feltonfleet last year. They raised an incredible £639 between them, smashing their individual targets of £100 each. Charlotte from Restless Development caught up with the team members to speak with them about taking part.

What was your motivation for taking part in the triathlons?

Having never done a triathlon before, Alex told us ‘I wanted to push myself to see how far I could get’. Sam, who is a sports fanatic, exclaimed ‘it sounded like fun’ and decided to take on the opportunity with his friends. Will was looking forward to ‘cycling and spending the day with friends and family’. Whilst Harry wanted to ’‘take part because we were raising money’ for Restless Development.

Will with his sister, showing it’s a fun day out for everyone.

The team described how they were motivated by the positive change their actions would have on the world.

The team looking excited together in preparation for the triathlons.

After watching the assembly Sam said ‘I was inspired by the presentation that Restless Development did at school and understood how my participation would help others.’

Alex told us that he ‘really wanted to do the triathlon well so everyone would be proud and sponsor us so my team could raise as much money as possible for Restless Development.’

Will reflected that he ‘wanted to raise money for charity [because it] made me feel proud and like I was achieving something’.

By raising money for Restless Development and the schools chosen charities, this team, along with thousands of other participants in the UK are having a direct impact on young people across the globe, by supporting them to lead on important changes in their countries.

What are your top fundraising tip for new Schools Triathlon participants?

Turbo SHAW set up a joint fundraising page so they were raising money as part of a team and helping each other reach their fundraising targets.

The team told us they found online sponsorship the best way to fundraise. Alex recounted the benefits of using ‘It’s quick and easy and it’s fun reading all the good luck messages from your family and friends.’ Sam advises fundraisers to ‘ask as many people as you can to sponsor you.’ Another tip of Sam’s was to ’find something that you are good at and then think about how you can make some money from it’. Harry gave an emotional response, saying ‘I felt really happy’ when he received donations. 

Turbo SHAW (Left to Right): Will, Sam, Harry, Alex 

There’s loads of ways participants can use their skills to gain sponsorship. Whether you are a great cook and organise a bake sale, or love animals and offer to walk your neighbour’s dog, there’s a reason why it’s called FUN-draising so make the most of it. We’ve got tons of ideas to get you started.

The team was motivated by encouragement they received from supporters. Alex recounts how he ‘really enjoyed checking our fundraising page every day to see everyone’s good luck messages and to see how much money we were raising’. Celebrating achievements with friends and family is another wonderful aspect of the triathlon.

Top Tip:

Clear messaging is important when you are asking friends and family for sponsorship. Spend a couple of minutes researching Restless Development. Telling your donors about the organisation is a sure way to increase donations.

What training advice would you give?

The triathlons have been designed so all abilities can take part but triathletes do recommend a little bit of training goes a long way.

Alex talks about how he prepared; ‘I cycled at the bike park near my home and did some running with my Mum to see how far the distance was, this really helped.’

Training is fun and enjoyable, and a fantastic way to take in your surroundings. Alex was on holiday when he did some training, ‘we went to West Wittering beach which was brilliant because I could practise cycling, running and swimming all in one go, although the sea was quite chilly!’

Sam tells us he ‘enjoys doing lots of sport so I just carried on doing all my activities.’ But he also did some extra ‘I also did some running and cycling with my parents.’ And Will ‘practised his cycling’. Whilst Harry ‘did training by running down to the end of the road’.

Alex zooming past the crowd as he completes his race.

Both Alex and Sam took a moment to think about their favourite bit of the day. Alex’s was ‘swimming because it was really fun getting in the water and working together with my teammates.’ Sam’s was ‘the running…because it was the last activity and you were pushing through to get to the end’. Harry exclaimed ‘My favourite part was swimming because I love it.’  
This is the great thing about the triathlons being made up of three disciplines, it makes it far more accessible and every team member usually has a different favourite sport.

Overall Alex’s best bit ‘was getting a medal at the end of our race’ in which the team got to cross the finish line together, and celebrate their collective achievement.

Alex offered his best piece of advice; ‘My top training tip for new triathletes? ENJOY IT! It was the best day out with my teammates!’

Thank you Team Turbo SHAW for sharing your experience of the Flight Centre Schools Triathlon. Without people like you the triathlons wouldn’t be half of what they are. Young, determined and inspirational, you took on all the essence of the triathlons, being motivated to help other young people, getting stuck into fundraising and training, enjoying the day and offering your best advice to future triathletes.

Turbo SHAW along with thousands of young people take part in the triathlons every year raising an incredible amount of money that goes towards helping other young people around the world improve the quality of their lives.

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Triathlons Champions: Feltonfleet

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